Every car you see on this page is a successful consignment. We're always looking for, and are excited by new business. If you're keen to start the conversation and wish to sell your car with us after reading the information below, do call or email us today.


If you're in Europe or the UK and are thinking about selling your left or right hand drive car, then do get in touch. 

We can create a bespoke, tailored package to market your classic or modern classic car to an international audience, greatly increasing your pool of prospective buyers.

We can discuss current prices and market trends for your particular model and agree upon a price for your listing. We will work hard to get you the best possible price that fairly represents the history, provenance, condition and mileage of your car. 


By making life easier for the buyer, we increase the chance of maximising your sale. Upon sale, where requested, we can assist the buyer with transportation quotes throughout the UK and Europe. In the event that the buyer is further afield, for example the USA or Middle East, we are also happy and able to act as an intermediary with shipping companies and import agents where desired.

You may be thinking about trading in your car. We are confident that we can achieve a better sale price compared with what you may be offered should you try to trade in your vehicle. Rather than haggling for a better trade in price with a dealer, you can begin your search with cash in your pocket to negotiate the best deal for your next purchase.

Save time, nuisance calls and the cost and hassle of listing your car yourself and let us handle your next sale.


What do we charge?:

- Our commission is a flat and simple 4.75% with a minimum of £2500, (+ VAT for UK. No VAT for EU or for Rest of World, ROW)

- No upfront costs.


- List for free.

- No sale, no commission.


Why this works:

For the seller:

- You have the confidence to list your car with us knowing you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.


- It may well be the case that your particular model is worth a significant premium overseas compared with what it may fetch in your own country but selling and shipping to an international buyer may be daunting. We can help.

- We collate your photos, description, service history and as much documentation as you can provide and where applicable, translate it into English, in order to reach a wider audience internationally, compared with your own domestic market.

- We combine the information you have provided and harness our market knowledge and passion for classic and modern classic cars to write a small but informative note about each and every car.


-We can bring its history to life, commenting on how for example, the car was received upon release, reviews over the years and detailing any racing pedigree or events it may have taken part in. Finally, your car may have specific upgrades or optional extras over the base model which we will describe, setting it apart from others in the market.

- We handle all correspondence, offers and negotiations with potential buyers around the world whether it be by telephone or email.

- We can translate enquiries, offers, or questions from prospective buyers.

- We safely handle transactions, often in different currencies from international buyers. Your car does not leave you until payment is made.

- Alongside the general public, we have the ability to sell your car to established collectors and also dealers, who may be looking for stock, negotiating from a business to business perspective but always on your behalf.

1982 Lincoln Green

For the buyer:

- We curate a unique and wide ranging selection of classic and modern classic vehicles.

- Being truly international, we list cars that you might not otherwise have found for sale and importantly, translate key information into English.

- We insist upon accurate and detailed information from the seller.

- We insist upon ID checks and registration documentation from the seller.

- As the intermediary, we can approach the seller with offers in a professional manner and translate any questions you may have.

​- Upon successful purchase of your vehicle, for a fee, we can provide options to assist with delivery whether domestically or internationally and help to match you to shipping companies and import agents which suit your requirements.

- If there is something in particular you are looking for, then we are always happy to look for you, see more on our Bespoke Search page.

If you are interested in listing your car with us or would like to know more, please fill in the form below. 

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