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We are market leaders in the world of classic Land Rovers and in particular, classic Range Rovers internationally. 

We sell and export more Range Rover Classics within, and from the European Union, than any competitor. Our consignment service however is truly international, and we have successfully sold for clients in the USA, UK, and of course, throughout Europe.


Whilst the vast majority of the vehicles we sell are our own stock, on occasion, and on a case by case basis, we enjoy helping passionate owners find new homes for their examples by consigning them, in the same way an agent will market and sell a property.

With a dedicated following of over 18,000 focussed Instagram followers, and, an ever growing list of passionate HAC Email Club subscribers, we are well placed to sell your example to a thriving community.

This a very personal service where we take great pleasure in rehoming these wonderful machines to and from enthusiasts across the world.

Crucially, we can assist with logistics, export, and in some cases, import also, all in order to achieve a sale for our clients that might otherwise be extremely difficult as a private individual.

Where a buyer is concerned, by holding funds in escrow until a car is collected (if not already in our possession as many are), we help to protect the buyer and once again, facilitate a sale and exchange in the safest and most cost effective way possible for both parties.

If you have a collectable Land Rover or Range Rover you wish to sell, please enquire to learn more as to how we can assist you.

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