1990- 188,000 Miles / 304,000 KM - €14,900

We are pleased to offer a very affordable Two Door Range Rover Classic in an iconic Land Rover colour, Eastnor Green. With just one previous owner, a new ITV, freshly serviced, original manual and an excellent paintjob, this Range Rover Classic represents excellent value for money. 

Key details:


  • Straight body 

  • Chassis in excellent condition

  • Plastics, bumpers, grille, refurbished

  • New Continental Tyres


Paint work: 

Full respray carried out using official Land Rover colour codes and the original colour of the car, Eastnor Green.

This level of paint work would cost circa $10,000 in the USA.


Inclusive of:

-Full body, doors and bonnet/hood painted inside and out

-window frames and pillars 

-Front and rear bumper 

-Wheels and lug nuts refurbished and resprayed


The eagle eyed of you will have noticed the fuel cap is missing. We are currently sourcing a replacement which will be fitted.




- Worth noting that Spain has very strict regulations and it is a fairly high threshold to pass mechanically and indeed rust is a no no and will fail an inspection. 

- Independent wheel articulation and travel up and down is important for 4x4 ITVs in Spain.

- Lights, indicators, everything needs to work and be in good order or it will not pass.

- Emissions must be at correct levels.

- Brakes and suspension must pass

- And finally, no oil or fluid leaks or else the vehicle will fail. 

- This car does not reflect its mileage of 304,000km in the slightest.


Behind the wheel

- The vehicle drives very well indeed. 

- Steering is confident with no play at all in steering.

- Vibration at idle, as is common on the turbo diesels but completely goes away when one drives off 

- Serviced and oil and filters changed

- A great driving car and having passed an ITV inspection, ready to go to be used as a daily driver.



Overall, the interior is very good for a car of 32 years of age. 

Carpets are good front and rear

Dash in good condition

Door panels decent but not perfect

New headliner 

Parcel shelf in place

Stickers in place

Original manual

Radio and central working not currently working

2 cigarette burns in the front seat, 1 in the rear seat (photos in the folder)


This vehicle, in a very collectable colour, represents exceptional value for money and due to the mileage, is priced accordingly. 

We are proud to be Europe’s top seller and exporter of Range Rover Classics with clients throughout the EU and across the world. Please feel free to enquire for specific shipping quotes. We ship regularly to the United States and the Middle East.

Expected shipping costs to the East Coast, USA - €2500 (+/- 10%)
Expected shipping costs to Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE - €2500  (+/- 10%)

Costs above include export papers, transport to port, customs procedures, port fees, and of course, shipping itself.

Insurance can be arranged at a cost of 0.9% of value and an independent insurance report with photos can be facilitated at port for €100 to aid any unlikely but potential claims.