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Whether you are an established collector of anything Land Rover, or, are new to the classic car world in general, we can help you find what you are looking for. 

The car above, resplendent in Ardennes Green, a very, very, very, rare, Automatic 3.9 V8 Two Door Range Rover Classic, is a good example of what we are able to get our hands on despite the immense difficulty. 

For the uninitiated, you may be daunted by 'the market', unsure of where to even start let alone feeling confident enough to walk into a showroom unprepared or start scrolling online in any meaningful way.

- What to pay?

- What to avoid? 

- What to check?

- What colour should I chose?

- What colours are even available by model year?

- How will mileage affect the resale price if I need to sell?

- Which engine evokes the spirit of the car best?

- Automatic or manual?

- Should I be looking locally, nationally or internationally?

- How do I buy across borders?

- Who will do the export papers?

- Who will arrange the logistics?


The list of questions can often appear to be endless. And that is before even getting down to the negotiation!

Our aim when working for any client, is to source on a cost neutral basis. We are confident that in the vast majority of cases, by negotiating on your behalf, we can save you more money than you will actually pay us for our entire Bespoke Search service.

Copy of DSCF1508.jpg

For a complete breakdown of the steps we next take together and what we charge please get in touch:

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