As enthusiasts (putting it mildly!) ourselves, we know exactly what discerning owners are after when it comes to restoration or subtle improvements.


We are also conscious of the fact that just as one would carefully choose a builder or decorator to work on one's property, it is important to also carefully choose a company with which to entrust one's cherished and often very valuable car.

The final thing to consider is that whilst there are a great variety of companies which restore or improve a standard car, and even if the quality of work is excellent, often the style or end result of what they create can be very different. 

Take for example, the ever growing list of companies which restore or enhance Land Rover Defenders and Series Land Rovers. Both are very popular, but no one would disagree that there is a vast difference between the finished products of Cool & Vintage in Lisbon and the Chelsea Truck Company in London.

Whatever your particular model, we can help to steer you towards the company which suits your aims, style and budget, wherever you may be.

We can project manage your restoration, guiding your car through its work from start to finish and importantly, doing our utmost to keep companies to agreed timelines. We will also ensure logistics run smoothly for getting your car from your garage, to the company in question and back again safely. 

If you are interested in a full, body-off restoration, or, making subtle changes to enhance your vehicle but don't know where to start, then do get in touch: