1992 - 46,600 miles/75,000km - €18,900 

We are delighted to present for sale our latest Range Rover Classic.

And as things go, it’s hard not to get excited about a one owner vehicle with such incredibly low, certified mileage.

Cared for by its sole owner for 30 years since new, in great mechanical order, with a current ITV (MOT) and A/C, this Two Door Classic Range Rover is absolutely ready to go to enjoy this summer.

The certified mileage of 75,000km / 46,600 miles on this 2.5L Turbo Diesel is also backed up by all ITV stamped inspections, photos of which are available upon request.

To ensure smooth running, the car has also recently benefited from a change of engine oil and filter along with a gearbox oil change. Axles/differentials were also inspected but fluid changes were not required.

In terms of the ITV, which is in date until March 2023, it is worth noting that Spain, and Catalonia in particular, has very strict regulations and it is a fairly high threshold to pass mechanically and indeed, in terms of chassis and body condition.

For example, close attention is paid to the following:

- Independent wheel articulation and travel up and down is important for 4x4 ITVs which have their own class for assessment.
- Lights, indicators, everything needs to work and be in good order or it will not pass.
- Emissions must be at correct levels.
- Brakes and suspension must pass the required standard of performance.
- And finally, no oil or fluid leaks or else the vehicle will fail.


The car drives very well with smooth gear changes and the engine performs as it should with the turbo helping to shift the car down the road without fuss.

The interior speaks for itself in the pictures and is in excellent condition as one would expect having had just one owner and having such low mileage.

From the outside, the car presents exceptionally well and has benefitted from a full paint job in its original Trocadero Red using the correct Land Rover colour codes. This job alone would most likely cost around $15,000 or possibly more in the US.

In summary, this 2.5 Turbo Diesel presents the buyer the opportunity to own and dare we say it, invest in an appreciating classic. It is a Two Door in excellent condition that has documented and certified mileage that is extremely low for any classic car, let alone a 30 year old Range Rover Classic. And of course, it has the rare option of AC to keep you both feeling and looking cool.


What more could one ask for!

We are proud to be Europe’s top seller and exporter of Range Rover Classics with clients throughout the EU and across the world.

Please feel free to enquire for specific shipping quotes. We ship regularly to the United States and the Middle East.

We facilitate and expedite export papers, transport to port, customs procedures, port fees, and of course, shipping itself. Assistance for US Import can also be quoted for and provided.

Insurance can be arranged at a cost of 0.9% of value and an independent insurance report with photos can be conducted at port of departure to aid any unlikely but potential claims.