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AC Cobra


Harry Alexander Classic Cars was born out of a desire to make the world of classic cars more accessible and the dream of ownership a more realisable aspiration.


We want to make the buying and selling of classic and modern classic cars online easier, more transparent, and more cost effective, wherever you happen to be in the world.

What really matters to us is not necessarily how much a car costs, how rare it is, or how fast it goes, but how it makes you feel.  Whilst classic and modern classic cars of course are assets in their own right, we believe that ultimately, they ought to be driven and enjoyed.

Nevertheless, whilst price tags are not everything, when buying or selling it is vital to know what is a fair price. We have an acute knowledge of the classic and modern classic market for both LHD and RHD vehicles, and we know their respective values across the world.

Porsche 911 964

What sets us apart?

We are different not only because of what we do but importantly, how we do it.

- We buy and sell our own exciting and iconic cars across the world.

- We also sell on behalf of clients globally, allowing private individuals to list for free, harnessing the power, reach and professionalism of our online presence.

- At 4.75%, our commission is extremely competitive. And with a no sale no commission structure, there's nothing to lose.

- We embolden buyers by giving them confidence to buy in the knowledge that we have ensured the identity of the owner and the registration documentation of the vehicle, making sure they match!

- For any car that we have for sale, we can arrange a marque specialist or certified mechanic to conduct an inspection or appraisal to reassure buyers.

- Where requested, we can help to facilitate the safe and smooth transportation of vehicles from seller to buyer anywhere in the world.

- With our 'Bespoke Search' service, we take a completely tailored approach to finding exactly what a buyer wants. Saving them time and money, hunting for value, and when we find it, negotiating on their behalf to realise the best possible deal.

Goodwood Race Circuit

Where it all began:

Harry Alexander Classic Cars was founded by former British Army officer Blake Heslop-Charman and named after his son, Harry.  


Blake has been immersed in the automotive world, both dealing and motorsport since childhood. This lifelong passion has developed into a successful business with clients throughout the EU, USA, Middle East and of course, the UK.

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