Do you only sell cars on behalf of clients?


- No. Our Bespoke Consignment service is one area of business.

- We source vehicles from across the UK and Europe, both left and right hand drive to offer for sale to anyone, anywhere around the world.



Is the 'Bespoke Search' service limited to individuals?



- No. 

- We are more than happy to source specific cars from throughout the UK and Europe for businesses such as dealers looking for stock or collectors looking for multiple vehicles, wherever you may be.

- For dealers, we can search for and find what you are looking for and act as your buying agent.


- Where requested, and for a fee to cover our expenses and time, we can view cars, send photos, videos and test drive them so that you have a better idea of what you are buying. 

- Whether we are looking for private individuals or businesses, we will always try to keep costs down by combining journeys and viewing cars with our own buying trips around Europe.

- In short, we are flexible, cost effective, trustworthy and fair. Bespoke Search is one of our favourite areas of business!



When you are selling a car on behalf of a client, can I see or drive it?


- The majority of our buyers and sellers are often, but not exclusively, in different countries. 

- Whilst this does not preclude seeing the car (or where the seller is happy, and requisite insurance is in place, driving it), it is something that must be organised and arranged through ourselves.

- The benefit of this model is that it allows private individuals more privacy, especially when selling high value vehicles.



Is it not risky buying a car unseen?​


- We insist upon proof of identification of the seller and ensure that this matches the registration documentation. 


- We insist upon honest and accurate information from the seller.

- Vitally, if you have any doubts, we can arrange independent and objective inspections or appraisals. These can be conducted by a marque specialist or a certified mechanic wherever the car may be.

- As outlined in the question above, in unique circumstances, and especially with vehicles of very high value, we can arrange meetings between the buyer and the seller with a representative of HACC present across Europe.



Can I make an offer?​


- Yes. Whether it is an offer on one of our cars or a client's, we are always keen to start the conversation.

- However, we take great pride in getting to know those who sell with us and therefore to learn what they are and are not willing to accept. For this reason it relies upon our judgement as to whether or not we waste the seller's time with an unfair offer.

- Nevertheless, as professional intermediaries, we are able to delicately pass on offers which may be less than a client was hoping to achieve.



If I live in the Netherlands and buy a car in Italy, can you help with transportation?


- Yes.

- Clearly this is a cost paid for by the buyer but we are happy to arrange insured transportation anywhere in Europe to get your car to you safely and as quickly as possible.



What if I live further afield such as in the USA or the Middle East?


- We want you to have the same opportunity to buy the incredible cars we have available for sale, no matter where you are in the world. 

- We have experience in shipping cars internationally and can match you to shipping companies and import agents which suit your requirements.

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