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What makes you different?


- We have an international focus.

- We search throughout Europe finding an array of iconic classic and modern classic cars and offer them for sale in the rest of Europe and around the world.

- We sell on behalf of clients for free.

- When buying a client's car, buyers pay a 4.75% premium (minimum of £2500, maximum of £7500). Less than half of the industry average for comparable businesses.

- We can find you any car, anywhere, with our Bespoke Search service.

- We can help to steer you in the right direction and coordinate your restoration.



When selling a client's car for free, how are you able to charge only 4.75% to the buyer?


- We don't have high overheads so we don't pass them on.

- Whilst we love visiting showrooms, we don't have to pay for one, so you don't either.

- Above all else, we are market disrupters. We do things differently to make the buying and selling of classic and modern classic cars affordable and accessible.


What is the normal/average cost across the industry for buyers and sellers?


- Many auction companies, whether online platforms or physical auction houses in the traditional sense often charge both the buyer and the seller.

- Percentages vary, but a 12.5% commission for the seller and upwards of 10% for the buyer on the same vehicle is not uncommon.

- For companies that sell in a traditional way and without an auction process whether online or using a showroom, the rates vary greatly. But again, it is not uncommon for both buyer and seller to pay for the service when buying and selling the same vehicle.

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