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1990 - 1875/3000km - LHD - SOLD 

Without question, the most impressive Range Rover Classic we have ever had the pleasure of offering to the market. Think Suffix A meets CSK.

The level of care, attention to detail, expertise and craftsmanship exhibited in this nut and bolt, panel off project is without comparison. The goal was simple and clear; to merge the very best features seen over 25 years of Range Rover Classic development between 1970-1995 into one package, offering the lovely classic look of a Suffix A but with the daily usability of a 1990’s Vogue SE.

Expanding on this theme, it is a package honouring the Suffix A, and paying tribute to the early, iconic simplicity of those famous 70’s models on the exterior, but uniting that with the comfort, refinement, modernity and crucially, ‘livability’ of the latest model. 

The liveability, and daily driver credentials, are not confined simply to the wonderful interior, hand crafted in Rolls Royce Grade A leather with the centre of the seats micro-perforated to discretely remain cooler, nor the fantastic bluetooth sound system fitted to the first ever “Clarion for Range Rover” radio-casette offered by the brand. Nor the added sound deadening to make it quieter inside, nor the ice cold AC also enhanced for this car, but of course it is also the powertrain and the drivetrain of the 1990 3.9 base car, enhanced with 1992 Vogue SE (front and rear “big” sway bars) and special road focused Bilstein struts and coils to make it the best road performing Range Rover Classic possible. As this car is the lightest Range Rover Classic, and has the most powerful engine-transmission combo with the most advanced drivetrain it makes for spirited driving.

The rebuilt 3.9 injected V8 and 5 speed transmission are a big leap forward compared to the original Suffix era carburettor 3.5 V8s. Whilst soulful and wonderful in its own way, the 3.5 carburettor V8 and 4 speed gearbox seen in 1970’s Range Rovers is simply outclassed and out-performed by the later 3.9 engine and gearbox with more torque, power and of course, the extra gear. The exhaust manifolds are now finished in ceramic coating, the induction is also enhanced for the engine to perform at its best. All ancillaries are new too.

The discerning observer will also note three other wonderful features on this vehicle, the wood on display across the dash, doors and central transmission tunnel, and also, the tilting and sliding factory glass sunroof that the three-door Range Rover never had, and, the rear views mirrors, electrically operated, heated and convex. Demonstrating the level of thought and investment put into this project yet again, this was only possible due to buying a second donor vehicle, a 92 Vogue SE, and removing all of the wood, the dash and the entire factory roof with its sunroof and internal mechanisms.

Returning to the exterior in wonderful Sahara Dust, it is worth noting that every single exterior component on show, including the bumpers, vertical grille, badging, lights, and folding rear number plate are original Suffix A genuine parts. Finally, the correctly positioned and exposed fuel filler cap seen on Suffix models was possible only due to the choice of the 1990 model year 3.9 V8 Two Door as the starting point car, as later models had their filler cap located higher up, just under the rear sliding window. Nothing on display with this example was by chance, and all part of a concerted effort to stay true to form, feel and look like factory built.

An opportunity not to be missed. 

In person viewings and inspections are most welcome by appointment.

Whilst all of our other examples are with us in Begur, Costa Brava in North East Spain, this example resides with its owner in his frankly astonishing collection of over 30 cars in Madrid and is offered for sale by consignment through Harry Alexander Classics.

As always in respect of consignment sales, buyer’s funds can be held in escrow to ensure safe exchange of monies and goods following signed contracts. However buyer’s should note that we have worked closely with this collector before over several years and have sold other wonderful examples in the past.

We are proud to be Europe’s top seller and exporter of Range Rover Classics with clients throughout the EU and across the world.

Please feel free to enquire for specific shipping quotes. We ship weekly to the United States and the Middle East.

We facilitate and expedite export papers, transport to port, customs procedures, port fees, and of course, shipping itself. Assistance for US Import can also be quoted for and provided.

Insurance can be arranged at a cost of 0.9% of value and an independent insurance report with photos can be conducted at port of departure to aid any unlikely but potential claims.

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